Laminated Cards Necessary to Play

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Laminated Cards Necessary to Play

Post by semidone2 » Thu Oct 13, 2016 11:07 am

Overheard this one at lunch:

U<15 DD team was not allowed an official game at a local soccer field because the coach had not laminated their player cards. Worse yet, the coach had an unlaminated KidSafe badge!! Pulling up the roster in GotSoccer was not enough for the Ref to let the young ladies play, it was necessary to have the cards safely sealed within the lamination sleeve.

While to some extent I understand the desire to have the card laminated for the protection of everyone; however, IMHO this is a poor excuse when an electronic version of the card should be sufficient.

What is the hive mind thought from other Refs on how this should have been handled.

SIDEBAR: Coach did ask to speak with site coordinator, but was told the person was busy with another game.
Isn't it always for "The Good of the Game"?

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