Why Every Goalkeeper should play Goalie Wars

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Why Every Goalkeeper should play Goalie Wars

Post by Waco GKAcademy » Mon Nov 12, 2012 3:34 pm

If you are a goalkeeper…and haven’t had a chance to play the immensely enjoyable game of goalie wars…I’d class you as a deprived!
There are many variations on the rules but the basics are – 2 goals, 2 goalkeepers, 2-2 minutes halves to score as many goals into each other. Endless supply of balls…any method can be used to score.
So what makes it so worthwhile for a goalkeeper? It involves you going freestyle with many goalkeeping skills. Handling, agility, striking the ball, reactions. Often during a training session, you can start going through the motions, not thinking too much about what you are doing. Goalie Wars forces you to use the best of your ability in a very short space of time.
Whether you are a goalkeeper or goalkeeper coach, I highly recommend incorporating this into an occasional training session
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